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EMS Job Outlook

Based on the current job outlook data, an EMS (Emergency Medical Services) job is not only exciting and fulfilling but it is in high demand as well. In the recent studies done by universities and other private institutions, they have proven that students who chose a course related to this career has over a 90% chance of being hired within 6 months after graduation. In addition, demand for this type of career is also expected to grow anywhere from 12-19% yearly.

What They Do

As implied, the staff of EMS groups is composed of individuals who generally work in the field. They are dispatched to assist civilians during emergency situations. With the help of an ambulance, they are required to transport the patient to the nearest hospital for further care if needed.

In some states and countries respectively, paramedics are also required to have an active participation in containing life threatening situations and providing rescue to victims of fires, floods, earthquakes and other natural calamities.

Training and Certification

Based on the critical nature of the job, the education and training provided to the aspiring paramedics borders more on knowing the human's anatomy inside and out, understanding people's reactions towards triggers and having the skills they need to help a patient survive the emergency situation. Training time depends on the qualification level they chose. Before practicing, they are also mandated by the state to undergo several certification tests just to ensure that they can perform well when a real emergency situation really happens.

Career Options

The demands for EMS workers are high in both private and public institutions. If you are eyeing a job in a private hospital, then your task will be mostly concentrated on picking up patients from their home and providing basic care for them while you are in transit. On the other hand, an EMS staff working with the police, fire fighters and rescue teams are bound to get more action. This is because they work on the field more and they are expected to carry out additional tasks as required by the state or county they are working for.

Is it the Right Career for You?

While the job outlook makes an EMS career look more attractive, those numbers should not be your sole basis in choosing your profession. You should also look into your skills, capabilities and interests to know exactly if a job is for you. A career in EMS might be right for you if you are someone who loves to be on top of things, if you can handle high-energy environments, and if you can maintain composure in the direst of situations.