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EMT Training & Classifications

Training to become an EMS staff usually depends on the level that you want to apply for. In United States, there are two qualification levels that you can choose from and they are the following:

Certified First Responder (CFR)

CFRs are usually volunteers or regular people that immediately take charge in case an emergency situation arrives. They are expected to assess the situation, control it and provide first aid if necessary. And because of the tasks they are expected to carry out, their training borders more on understanding how a person reacts during an emergency. Apart from that, they are also taught how to:

- Read symptoms and correctly identify the emergency
- Understand the human anatomy
- Identify the appropriate initial aid
- Lift and move patients safely

2. Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)

An EMT is a person with more medical skills than the first category. They are generally required to carry out the tasks that a CFR cannot do. EMTs are also subdivided into two more groups namely:

EMT-B (Basic)
Training for EMT-Bs is regulated by both the state and federal level. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA takes care of training and certification regulation in United States. Based on their module, an aspiring EMT - B should spend 110 hours of training. Within that short training course, an aspirant should learn the theoretical and practical applications of anatomy, physiology, medical trauma and legalities of medical care.

Certification of EMT-Bs is initially acquired by passing an exam. After the exam, they are required by the state to further their education by attending lecture sessions and undergoing on the job training. After all those additional studies, another recertification is required to check if they really are eligible to practice.

EMT Paramedics As far as being a part of EMS team is concerned, becoming a paramedic is the highest you can get. This group of people works closely with licensed physicians and they are known to provide medical care while the patient is being transported to the nearest hospital. They are trained for more advanced skills including: performing emergency surgeries if necessary, setting up a life support system, and stabilizing the patient's condition on scene or while in transport.

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