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About EMS (Emergency Medical Services)

What Is Emergency Medical Services?

The term emergency medical services, also known as EMS in some countries, refers to that specialized branch of services that is devoted to the cause of providing first aid care in the event of a medical emergency. It serves as a means for people to get access to medical care in times when they're in most desperate need for it. To date, this system has already saved innumerable lives and remedied countless emergency cases ever since its introduction of the first ambulance service in the 18th century (See history of EMS). Because of it, many people have continued on to live normal lives even after an unfortunate accident has occurred.

The main goal of EMS is to present preliminary treatment to people who are in need of critical medical attention. Depending on the type of emergency that the team will respond to, a first aid squad usually has a driver and a couple of emergency medical technicians on board who are certified to have the skills needed to handle cases such as child birth, heart attack and stroke. Aside from just giving preliminary treatment, the EMS is also responsible for transporting patients to a hospital, which will be able to provide for a more definitive care if there is a need for it. Emergency medical services have come a long way, considering that not too long ago, medical services was simply only meant to be a transportation system.

Modern emergency medical services can be accessed in most areas through the use of an emergency telephone number such as 911 for residents in the United States. Just by dialing this number, you will be able to communicate your concerns with a control facility. The control facility will then dispatch a first aid squad to your location so that you can get the medical attention you need. All you need to do is to wait for a few minutes for help to arrive or in some cases, follow some important instructions from the operator who answered your call if you're caught in a very urgent medical emergency.

Having reliable emergency medical services that you can rely on is essential in every community. As we continue to live in uncertain times, it's important that there is a service that has the capacity to respond to people's medical needs in a fast and efficient manner. Without it, the death rate and the chances of dying in an accident increase dramatically.

Every citizen should take it upon himself or herself to know how their own local systems work so that in times of medical emergencies, you already have an idea on how you can ask for assistance.