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PFEMS 24th Annual Banquet continued.......
The Fayette County EMS Board members awarded volunteer JoLynn Phillips the "Richard Snyder Award" for her professional attitude and service with the Volunteer Board. This award was named after the late Richard Snyder who served on the Life Squad Board for many years. In giving this award, Board member Terry Summers spoke very highly of Phillip's involvement with the Life Squad and her twenty-one years of service as a volunteer EMT.
EMS Board member Terry Summers (l.) presenting JoLynn Phillips with the "Richard Snyder Award".
Volunteer Robbie Harper received the "Unit 99 Award" from Administrator, Fred Doyle. This award is given annually by the administrator to an individual who has put forth extra effort in their volunteerism with the squad. Robbie has volunteered 342 hours so far this year; and can be counted to come in at a moment's notice if needed. According to Doyle, Robbie always seems to be there when help was needed. Robbie also assists at various special events such as the Fayette County Fair and as a back-up member at foorball games.
Fred Doyle (l.) presenting Robbie Harper with the "Unit 99 award".
Volunteer Board President, David Mason, awarded service pins to volunteers for their years of service. One year pins given to Bill Glispie, Joe Henson Sr., Linda Marrero, and Andrea Galey. Robbie Harper and Leah Coldiron received their two-year pins. Three-year pins went to Jack Carr, Megan Grubb, Joan King, John Lombardo, Wayne Roberts, Michelle Smith, and Brenda Eggleton. Dusty Bainter, Jim Coldiron. Stephanie List, Kacey Littleton, David Mason, Judy Mason, David Thomas, and Tony Trimble received for-year pins. Tom Pickett was the only volunteer with five years of service. Six-year pins went to Robin Huff, Tod Johnson, Davida Keaton, and Laura Wing. Members with eight years were John Burr, Sheryl Kimmet, Rod List, Karen Lucas, Gordon Marks, Amy Stump, Brent Wing, and Jewel Thurman. Lori Blackburn, Duane Gilbert, Kevin Evans, Randy Hinkley, and Tom Smith received their nine-year pins.
Members with ten years of service receive a "Lifetime Service Award" and those individuals were Linda Bailey, Patti Bailey, Nancy Cooper, Connie Coulter, Janet McCarty, Barbara Miller, and Randy Miller. In addition to receiving their awards, these members will receive a free-lifetime membership to the Life Squad.
Jim McClure and David Stoer were eleven-year members, and Bruce Bennett received his fourteen-year pin. Fifteen-year pins were received by Phillip Funk, John Halliday, Susan Root, and Roberta Stanforth. Terry Setty had sixteen years service, and Susan Lightle had seventeen years. Paul Lightle, Kathy Setty, and Ron Zimmerman were eighteen years recipients. Debbie Southward received her nineteen year award; JoLynn Phillips, twenty-one years; and Jeff Warner has volunteered for twenty-two years.
The longest remaining volunteer with twenty-fours years of service to the Life Squad was Fred Doyle. Doyle started out with the Jeffersonville Squad in 1976 and served as an EMT with that unit for over 12 years. When he moved to Washington C.H., he volunteered as a driver, and continues to do so on Thursday evenings 11:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. the next morning. Doyle recalled some of his up- and-down moments as a volunteer, including using a Morrow Ambulance funeral hearse to respond to 911 calls. Funeral home vehicles were used years ago until the Squad was able to come up with funds for an ambulance of its own.
New volunteers serving with the squad include Tina Deakyne, John Kemme, Cyndi Kisamore, Angie Kletzli, Gene Lawhun, Scott Mullen, Julie Ober, Tim Rinehart, Erik Robinette, and Gail Streitenberger who serve as EMTs. New dispatchers are Patricia Downing and Ron Tice.
Volunteer Board President David Mason introduced officers for the up-coming year including himself as President; Jim Coldiron, Vice-President; Roberta Stanforth, Secretary/Treasurer; Dusty Bainter, Michelle Smith, Rob Harper, JoLynn Phillips, Duane Gilbert, and Bruce Bennett as Crewleader/Directors. Phil Funk was named Director for the New Holland Squad, and David Thomas was named Director for the Jeffersonville Squad. Current Fayette County EMS Board Members are Vernon Stanforth, President; Dr. Dennis Mesker, Medical Director; David Mason, Volunteer President, and other members, Frank Breedlove, David Morrow, John Rockhold, Jack Stackhouse, and Terry Summers. After dinner and awards, members enjoyed music and dancing. Joe Henson, Sr. served as Squad Chaplain and gave the invocation and benediction.
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