American College of Surgeons Lots of Trauma Stuff
American Heart Association The latest info on AHA
American Red Cross Red Cross info
Federal Emergency Management Agency The official FEMA site
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Info
Ohio Depatment of Public Safety/ Emergency Medical Services Division Info
National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians Info
National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians Good info on Reprocity
Basic Trauma Life Support Very infomative stuff on BTLS
Columbus State Community College EMS Technology EMS Courses and info
Clark State Community College EMSTechnology EMS Courses and info
The Journal of the American Medical Association Technical Jounal Site
Emergency Medical Services EMS Resources and Links
The Visible Human Project Excellent source of anatomy visualization...a must see
The RXList Search for info on a drug....any drug!
American College of Prehospital Medicine Online training and degree programs in EMS.
Ohio Basic Trauma Life Support The Ohio Chapter BTLS, very informative and updated often.

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