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Emergency Medical Services (EMS), is a system that provides emergency medical care. It starts with the first call for help regarding a serious illness or injury. The goal of EMS is to provide emergency medical care to the patient. EMS is most identified with emergency vehicles but EMS provides more than transport to the hospital. It is a comprehensive system of agencies and people administering emergency medical care capable of handling any emergency.

Each State has a lead EMS agency responsible for the planning, coordination, and regulation of its EMS process as well as licensing or certifying EMS providers and emergency vehicles.

State EMS functions include:
  • Communication of EMS providers with hospitals, trauma and specialty centers
  • Providing medical protocols for EMS providers
  • Administering grant programs
  • Coordinating disaster and mass casualty response
  • Homeland security medical initiatives
  • Leading statewide trauma and specialty care systems
  • Analyzing EMS agencies, hospitals, and trauma center performance
  • Coordinating regional EMS programs

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